//  Origin:  London, UK
//  Genres:  Indie pop
//  Website:  Kirstenmckay.com

Blending her unique voice, unforgettable melodies and relatable lyrics, London based singer-songwriter, Kirsten McKay, is inspiring listeners with songs of love, loss and longing. 

New to the scene, McKay’s sharp pen and distinct voice set her apart from her peers. Through her music, the artist explores the human dualities of self-doubt vs. self-belief. 

Raised with the music of The Beatles and Bowie, McKay began developing her own unique style in her teenage years.

Heavily influenced by female icons – PJ Harvey, Kirsty MacColl and Liz Phair – her debut single, ‘Hey!’ takes listeners on a journey between questioning and reaffirming her own truth.

McKay is finishing the recording of her debut album Future Gratitudes.  

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Artist: Kirsten McKay | kirsten_km105@yahoo.co.uk

Producer: Gregor Stobie | gregor@gregorstobiemusic.com